Pruva Modern Office Set

Pruva Modern Office Set

The office is well designed for those looking for modernity and simplicity. The bow modern office team has captured the modern lines on the tree in such a way that both the color of the tree and the beauty of the pattern are absorbed, and the selected fabric color and the fine lines of the design create a modern work.

The office is a team designed for those looking for modernity and simplicity. The modern office team of Bowe catches the modern lines on the tree in such a way that it works both for the beauty of the tree and for the design, as well as for the selection of the fabric color and the fine lines in the design. The double seat, which is also in the team, adds richness to the office. Both the comfort and edge detail create a unique look in the double seat. It has added elegance due to the thinness of your feet and has destroyed that size of the double seat. The large shape of the rear padding reflects a modern style with these slight passages adding a slight sporty look. 


The individual seats are actually a lot of what is in each set. It was a simple preference, and the middle coffee table standing in the middle was detonated. There are two details used on the coffee table. Growing round patterns on top and strip patterns on the edge. The use of two different geometric shapes created modern lines on the coffee table. The same details are also seen on the table. The shading of the two different geometric shapes and tones of color, the peacefulness in the tree, and the modernity in details are also caught. Those who want an original design at the office, this modern office suite is designed for you. A calm pass was created as if the seats in the fabric were full and the seats were in the memories. The cabinet used in the back is actually considered completely in terms of convenience. It is definitely useful for an office with 4 partitions. At the same time, the small library part on one side added a movement and gave an office seriousness. He is attracted by a small library that does not look crowded. The same use of high foot on the ground has also created an elegant appearance. Thus, a modern wardrobe was created. The self-made shadows in the fabric create a depth. The Buddha is creating a hidden color flare.

It will bring comfort, use and calmness. This modern office suite contains all of them. This team tells how to create a modern design with simple passages using wood